Horseback Riding

One of the most popular activities at Casa Mojanda is horseback riding on guided trail rides through the mountains.

We have eight good natured and well cared-for horses available for riding, some suitable for younger riders or those with little or no previous experience.

We utilize several spectacular trails most of which last for over two hours, and weave through the landscapes offering panoramic views of Imbabura, Cotacachi, Lago San Pablo and Otavalo.

We use comfortable western tack, and provide basic instruction before each ride, as well as helmets for your safety. We can arrange longer rides or full-day treks for experienced riders.

If possible, it would be helpful for us to have a day’s advance notice of when you would like to ride so that we can prepare the horses. Good times to schedule rides are after breakfast or after lunch, but before 3:30 pm. Please let us know your level of experience and comfort with horses in advance, so we can select an appropriate horse for you to ride.

Casa Mojanda