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Local Activities

The following list of activities starts from Casa Mojanda and the immediately surrounding area, and then moves out to local and regional attractions. A one-week stay would allow you to go through most of the list, and still have time to relax. We are always available to help you plan your days here. For photos and more detailed information, please click on the hotlinks which take you to our pages on Nature, Culture and Birding.

  • Hike to the waterfall, only a half hour on moderate grade. Take a picnic lunch, and explore the forest above the falls. Our map should get you there with ease. Inquire about other additional long and short walks starting from Casa Mojanda.
  • Hike down to Otavalo (one hour and fifteen minute walk) on either of two scenic roads.
  • Take a guided horse tour, long or short, for spectacular mountain views. Take a picnic lunch, or return to Mojanda for lunch.
  • Bird watch on any of the nearby paths and trails. Wildflowers will be found year round. Please record your sightings in our nature log.
  • Visit the Mojanda Lakes where you can hike, fish, look for condors, climb the Fuya Fuya non technical peak. Bring a picnic lunch. Click on Nature.
  • Shop in Otavalo for handicrafts, visit the food market or look for antiques. Eat lunch in town at any of several good restaurants. There is a market every day, but Saturday’s is the biggest. Several small local museums are worth visiting and be sure to explore the charming central plaza (Parque Bolivar).
  • Tour the Indian villages, for a full or half day, and see the artisans at work in their homes and workshops. You may buy directly from the producers as well. Drive or hike back by way of Lago San Pablo. Click on Culture.
  • At night you can soak in our traditional Japanese style hot tub or just hang out and chat by the fire. On occasion, we feature live Andean folk music and dancing. Or watch a movie or read a good book from our extensive library.
  • Visit Lake Cuicocha, and eat lunch in a restaurant high above the lake. Take the boat ride around the lake. On the way there or on the way back, pass through the town of Cotacachi which specializes in leather craft. Sit for awhile in the charming plaza.
  • Visit Ibarra, the well-preserved provincial capital, which has two lovely plazas, some good restaurants, and is a half hour away by car. On the way, visit the town of San Antonio de Ibarra, which specializes in woodcarving. From Ibarra, visit the villages of Esperanza and Zuleta, famous for wonderful and intricate embroidery. The road back from Zuleta via Lago San Pablo is full of wonderful landscapes.
  • Visit the colonial town of Cayambe. Plan in advance a day trip by four-wheel drive vehicle to the refuge at the base of the glacier on the Cayambe volcano, where short hikes are possible. The refuge is at a cold 15,000 feet, so be prepared.
  • Plan a daytrip to the hot springs and ecological reserve of Chachimbiro. Visit the Afro-Ecuadorian region of Chota and Salinas, in the high Andean desert on the way there or back. A guide is suggested for a meaningful visit, and we will be happy to arrange one for you.
  • Take in the pre-Incas of Cochasqui, a half day’s excursion which can be combined with a visit to the colonial town of Cayambe.
  • A visit to Intag and La Florida Reserve can be arranged with sufficient advance notice, as well as treks to the Piñan lakes, El Angel, and climbs of the volcanoes Imbabura and Cotacachi, and overnight treks.
  • Take a ride in El Tren de la Libertad. Visit Imbabura, the most diverse province of Ecuador. From Otavalo, home of the country’s largest Indigenous market, to Salinas, where the culture and history of Afro-Ecuadorians is alive and present in its streets, Tren de la Libertad takes you through the history, music, gastronomy, crafts and the amazing landscapes of northern Andes. You will find unique experiences in San Roque, Andrade Marin, San Antonio, Ibarra, Hoja Blanca and Salinas de Ibarra stations, in a trip full of contrasts. Reserve directly visiting their website http://trenecuador.com/en/home/