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Lodging and Meals

The landscape and structural design of Casa Mojanda began in 1993 and was achieved in 1996. The final result integrates the finest local examples of traditional design, and the countless practical details reflect the intuitive skill of local craftsmen.

All of the buildings of Casa Mojanda utilize traditional methods of construction. Structural walls of rammed earth (tapial) provide cooling during the day and retain and slowly release heat throughout the evening. Hand formed roof tiles, of native red clay, and red tile floors provide a counterpoint to the massive white walls, sustained by open eucalyptus roof beams for textural warmth and structural strength.

The many tables and chairs are made of Ecuadorian cedar by local craftsmen. Selective use of native wooden flooring, antique furnishings, hand-carved Ecuadorian masks, and a collection of lithographs & drawings complement the quiet architectural strength of Casa Mojanda.

Our kitchen serves healthful and creative home cooked meals served family style and based on traditional Ecuadorian and international recipes. They always integrate produce from our organic gardens. Guests are always welcome to spend time in the garden and kitchen. We are happy to accommodate special diets and requests.