Overview of Casa Mojanda

Built in the early 1990’s and opened in 1995, Casa Mojanda operates on a firm commitment to the principles and practices of ecological tourism and it was designed to have a minimally intrusive impact on our local ecosystem and culture. We believe that ecotourism operations must at a minimum “do no harm,” and be sustainable socio-economically and environmentally, as well as harmonious with indigenous traditions and cultures.

We utilized natural and earth-friendly construction methods, primarily rammed earth adobe, non-endangered woods, brick and straw. Our organic farm and gardens utilize biodynamic and permaculture principles of farming and land use management.

We endeavor to provide meaningful and secure employment for as many local community members as possible, and we endeavor to purchase our goods and supplies from local cooperatives utilizing fair trade principles.

When it comes to lodgings and resorts, we believe that small is beautiful. By keeping Casa Mojanda large in vision but small in scale, we are able to interact with our guests personally, and whenever there is interest, we will connect visitors with local schools, clinics and environmental projects.

Un abrazo fuerte y bienvenido a Casa Mojanda

Casa Mojanda